Posted by: Vala Shahabi | November 14, 2009

Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2010

Last month Gartner released an article identifying the top 10 most destructive technologies for 2010. Big surprise, Cloud computing and virtualization were all over the list with Cloud Computing at #1.   Read the article here.

1. Cloud Comuting

2. Advanced Analytics

3. Client Computing – comprised of Cloud Computing and Virtualization

4. IT for Green – which includes use of cloud computing and virtualization

5. Reshaping the Data Center – Required for cloud computing

6. Social Computing

7. Security – Activity Monitoring

8. Flash Memory

9. Virtualization for Availability

10. Mobile Applications – will be running application from the Cloud soon enough. Palm’s Pre OS is a web based OS. We can expect Apple and Google to quickly adapt a similar OS / extension.

I’m very excited for 2010 and where technology is going. I’d like to thank my friend Paul Briët for the help on the graphic work. It is now very obvious what this blog is all about. Now that my Jury Duty Trial has wrapped up I will dedicate more of my time to get you the latest on Cloud Computing, Virtualization, SaaS, Application Streaming and some other random but very cool tech quarks. Stay Tuned!



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