Posted by: Vala Shahabi | February 17, 2012

UI Standard for the Cloud?

I recently came across a blog by Derek Singleton, It’s time for a Cloud UI Standard and thought it was so interesting that I wanted to comment on it in my blog. When I first read the title, I thought he meant creating a standardized UI for back-end cloud applications, those used by IT folks to manage their cloud infrastructure (which sparked another idea which I will also talk about). After reading his post, he means a standard UI for web based SaaS applications.

If you develop a Windows or Mac application, you can leverage the OS’s UI to quickly build your application. For example, no need to recreate the print icon, the standardized UI provides that for you. I agree with Derek, why shouldn’t there be a standard for web based applications? It would make it so much easier to design and develop a site if there is a standard UI.   As Derek also mentioned, end users will also appreciate this as all web based applications will have a similar look and feel.

While we’re talking about cloud standardization, I’m sure many IT organizations would appreciate a standardized API to manage their cloud services. This may already exist?


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