Posted by: Vala Shahabi | June 24, 2013

Little TrendSetter – Latest Fashion for Kids

I’ve always blogged about cool technologies out there and today I’d like to blog about the launch of my fiancee’s new business – Little Trendsetter. They used some really cool technology to get their business off the ground so quickly, more on that later.  Her and her partners have a great eye for fashion and have put together a collection of nice clothing at reasonable prices for moms and dads to buy their little ones. Not everyone cares about how cute their kids looks but I’ve noticed a lot of parents pay a lot of attention to the details of their kid’s clothing so I think they’re onto something.

LIttle Trendsetter

LIttle Trendsetter

If I had a kid and after recently watching Man of Steel – I would definitely get him this Superman shirt.

Man of Steel


If I had a little girl I can see her showing off in this leopard dress.

Leopard Dress

I once bought some shoes for my friends kids and they were too expensive for such tiny things. Little Trendsetter has some really cute shoes at a very good price!

Every kid needs this for the summer:

The Gardner

The Tech part: They were able to launch their business within 2 months. Majority of the time was spent on finding the best inventory. They were able to leverage Shopify’s ecommerce platform (SaaS) to quickly bring their business online. They bought a pretty cool theme and did most of the work themselves and I pitched in here and there. I’m very impressed with how easy Shopify makes it.  This is the perfect example of using the Cloud or SaaS to bring a business from zero to launch in a very short time. Now all they have to do is drive people to their site to buy stuff :). This is where you come in…hint…hint 🙂

Shopify has a very robust platform. You can quickly and easily add new modules or Apps. For  example last night I was copying and pasting javascript code to install their Yotpo review app. Having reviews online is an absolute must. This app goes even further to automatically email the buyer to remind them to review the product!

Anyways, check out the site and help support her business by blogging about it, sharing it on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. Much love!



  1. I just put in an order for a few outfits for my 2 year old diva. I’m so excited to see these on her. …..definitely not the typical styles we see in carter’s

    • That’s awesome, I hope you enjoy them!

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