Posted by: Vala Shahabi | September 22, 2014

iPhone 6 review – Upgrade from Galaxy S4

It’s been about 60 hours since my iPhone 6 – 64GB was delivered to my house. I’ve had an opportunity to use it like I normally would and give me initial feedback. But before I do, it’s important to understand I initially ditched my Apple 4s for a bigger screen. At the time (May 2013), the Samsung S4 was hands down the best phone on the market. Even the iPhone 5 couldn’t beat it, hence why Samsung’s market share grew so fast and now apple has two phones, each with larger screens.

iphone 6

I do believe that the iPhone 6 has regained the champion status for the best phone on the market. Here is what I love about the phone:

  • First glance, it looks identical to my Samsung S4. Apple even moved the shutdown button to the same location on the right side. It’s a little taller, almost same width, and thinner that my S4. However, the moment you pick this phone up your senses tell you this is made of high quality unlike the cheap plastic feel of the S4.
  • Fingerprint reader – When I heard of this feature on the 5s I didn’t think much of it. I secure my phone with a passcode but typing a passcode every time is annoying. It’s nice to pick up your phone and put your finger there to see it quickly unlock.
  • Dictation – Siri might still be useless for most things but at least she now understand what I’m saying. I can now talk my texts and the iPhone does a really good job understanding what I’m saying. This is great for driving.
  • Camera – The camera is fast and takes crip pictures. It has come a long way but still not perfect. Some idiot on Techcrunch said this camera is good enough to replace your point and click. I disagree. I have an awesome Canon SX700HS that takes amazing pictures with very little light and a lens that can zoom to the other side of the world. We went out last night with some friends and I took pictures in a low light setting with and without the flash and while they’re better than any previous phone, still can’t touch a point and shoot.
  • Speed – this phone is fast. This seems to be the case with all new phones and over time software updates bog them down but this is definitely the fastest phone I’ve experienced.
  • Ease – Apple made it very easy to get Android users to jump over. They even created this simple to follow page.
  • Texting images and video – you take this for granted until you leave Apple. With my S4 I could never text more than 2 images at a time. I couldn’t even try to text a video. Apple just takes care of that for you with smart compression and iMessage.
  • Screen – It is bright and crips. I love the way the text reads on it.
  • Airdrop – while I haven’t used it yet but this can be useful and so easy to use when transferring large files between phones.

Things I’m not impressed with:

  • Battery life – At the end of each day I have about 18% left. Which is great for now but we all know new phone batteries are great but after about 3 months they are greatly shortened which means in Nov/Dec I’ll be recharging midday.
  • Bugs – I’ve already experienced a couple minor bugs in message and safari. I had to kill the app to resolve the issue. I’m sure they’ll be fixed soon but it seems like this OS wasn’t fully ready. If you’re on the fence to upgrade to iOS 8, I would wait for an update.
  • Pandora – My Alpine Nav has Bluetooth Pandora and this phone/iOS doesn’t work with it. Now I need to ping Alpine to see if they have an update.

I do miss a few things about my Andourd/S4 that I hope Apple will “borrow”:

  • Options buttons – just left of the home button there is an options button that will pop up a menu in the app you’re in to quickly configure stuff. This just makes it easier to quickly change settings.
  • Google Live – Even though it was creepy that google was reading my emails and calendar, it would provide some great info. Like that time it notified me that my mom’s flight was canceled before her airline even knew it!
  • Widgets – I think widgets are really cool and a very easy easy way to get information. Mac OS has widgets, I’m surprised this hasn’t been brought over yet.
  • Notifications – Apple has come a long way but Android still does notifications better.


  1. No comparison to S5!?
    That is still the champ and the new note and note edge are yet to come out.

    • I was never that impressed with the S5. Samsung adds all these features that you never end up using because the user experience isn’t well developed.

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